Shutters of Distinction


Our plantation shutters are built with the same craftsmanship and attention to detail used in the production of fine furniture. Each component of every panel is custom designed for optimal appearance, function and fit.

All Premium Grade wood is kiln-dried and
water-sealed for moisture control.

Our shutters are manufactured using mortice and tenon joints. This provides every shutter with a secure construction preventing paint cracking and any movement in the panel, over time. The louvres are attached to the control rod with non-corroding, glue-coated staples. All shutters have a louvre tension system which allows you to have full control over how slack or tight you want the louvres to be.

All precision tools and machinery that are used to make our shutters are calibrated and adjusted periodically to ensure that tolerances are correct and each component part of every shutter fits exactly. Quality control inspections are made at each assembly point:- after cutting and trimming the wood, before painting / staining, before assembly and a final inspection before packing.

All our shutters are sanded a total of 6 times to achieve a quality finish. Our stained shutters are sanded, hand dipped, hand rubbed, sealed, sanded, and protected with two clear top coats (including a UV protector to eliminate fading). Our painted shutters are sealed, sanded, primed, re-sanded, and covered with two satin finish top coats and 2 coats of UV paint. Our shutters are allowed to dry for a minimum of 48 hours before further handling.

Finally, individual shutters are assembled into complete units with all hardware and frames attached. This ensures complete reassurance that the shutters will fit your windows or doors perfectly. Following the final inspection, shutters are wrapped in cellophane to protect the finish and carefully packed with foam, into reinforced cartons for shipping.

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Learn more about the
wood materials we use below:

Basswood: Otherwise known as
the American Linden, the wood is
pale brown and clear of knots.

Parasol Wood (Phoenix Tree): A large evergreen tree that can grow up to 80m tall.

Western Red Cedar: Renowned for its natural beauty and outstanding physical properties, this exceptional wood has a uniform, fine ground texture with a satin lustre.